Charango music being played during a workers/artesanal rally held by the Federación de Productores de Chicha, in Cochabamba - Bolivia. 

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People should be able to talk to anyone, well people can talk to anyone but for many people snobbery, vanity, arrogance and moral high grounds stand in the way. I’m not saying everyone who turns the other way is a culprit of this disease, as many factors may cause this to happen, such as the case for a timorous person. Usually the people who regard their importance above others are very quick to let it be known. All forms of life can fall into the trap, which usually consists of a collective. Whether it be a football team, a university group, a bunch of hippies or the latest trendsetters. The good thing about this force field is that it acts as a filter for those on the other end, as people with this fake sense of importance obviously would not make for a conversation of authenticity anyway. 

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I tried my hardest and I failed. What now? Being pushed down the stairs once again by the people who have been granted endless opportunities. Twice as much effort and double the length plus a little more is what is needed for me to compete in this game. Are the winnings worth it, when I have found other ways to reach fulfilment and gratification outside of the game. The only problems with these winnings is the neglect faced by the wider community, once again returning to that bottom step. 

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I just sit here and watch an old man with a bad leg moving at snails pace being overtaken by a gold necklaced smoking 60ish lady, while listening to the birds and feeling the wind and leaves fall around me. puts me in the position of unimportance and at the same time makes me feel alive. Useless, unanimated and like life has no meaning on the one hand, unstopable, full of colour and full of meaning on the other. meaning is a mind´s creation, passed down through the history of organisms through the experiences you live since the moment you are born. Meaning aint correct by any means. Look at the ambiguity in the concept of god, passed down to the concept of sovereignty. Full of cracks and power incentives, blurring reason but still meaning something. The meaning i possess about my family and friends is making me miss them greatly - love, support, understanding, openess and sharing. Wow, imagine if society and the state system shared these traits. Ha, the economic agenda may run into a few problems and we all may be living in rags, but who knows, enrichness may prevail and the next episode of human development may be reached.. Jack Hodges without copyright 25-09-14

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